Hit the Road May 2009: Ready for a Summer Road Trip?

Summer’s coming and I’m psyched! Not only is this the best time of year for a road trip, but this year’s got an edge over any other with lots of cool stuff going on to make it even easier to hit the road.

Your Summer Road Trip Just Got Cheaper
No way, you say! Yes, it’s confirmed – the federal government has projected that gas prices will stay low all summer long, with regular unleaded gas averaging $2.23 a gallon. I don’t know about you, but that has me doing the happy dance!

Only last year, I was paying $4-5 per gallon – that’s over twice as much. With prices that low, how can you argue that you can’t afford to go on a road trip? My husband and I are planning on driving to the beach (Wrightsville Beach, NC is the closest) every weekend this summer just because we can. How about you?

One thing I highly recommend is thinking about getting away for Memorial Day weekend if you live in the northern part of this country. When I lived in Michigan and in Connecticut every Memorial Day would be a disappointment as we crowded around the grill, shivering while wearing jeans and sweaters on a day that we had imagined we’d be wearing bathing suits and lounging in the sun.

If you live in any northern area, there’s got to be somewhere farther south you’d be interested in visiting for the long holiday weekend, so definitely consider it (especially with these low gas prices). Your Memorial Day weekend may actually feel like the beginning of summer!

Free GPS Technology – Yeehaw!
My friend Christina just clued me into the fact that you can download Google Maps and their other GPS-type help for free to your phone. I already knew about the fact that your service provider can add it for about $10 a month (and you can cancel service anytime, so you’re not stuck with it), but GPS help for free? Who knew?

Just go to www.google.com/mobile/default/maps.html and they’ll give you all the info on how to do it. It works on almost all phones out there, so you don’t have to worry about having some top-of-the-line phone to use it.

Hot Off the Presses
Summer is a great time to visit California wine country, so it’s about time I wrote something to help you plan a trip there, right? Check out this article about a California Road Trip into the Wine Country that gives lots of tips of where to go and what to see.

You definitely want to get a "check-up" for your car before hitting the road at this time of year. Heat can spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E for your car. This handy car checkup list of things to have checked out/repaired will make it much easier for you to get this task off your checklist so you can focus on the fun stuff:

If you’re like a lot of people who are in financial trouble right now due to layoffs/other money woes, you may not be able to figure out how you can afford a vacation at all, even with the low gas prices. But you can, and you should, take a vacation. Everyone needs a break and sitting around your house being depressed is hurting you more than you know. The key is to make your trip super cheap – a road trip on a shoestring. Use these cheap road trip tips to make it happen.

For more new articles (you might want to check out my latest post regarding the Swine Flu pandemic that has every traveler running scared), see my road trip blog.

May Scrapbook Photo
Here’s me doing the cheesecake thing with our PT Cruiser rental when Ash and I were driving through the Florida Keys on a road trip. What a goof! We had so much fun-

Road Trip Through Florida Keys

Happy trails and enjoy the spring!

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