Disney-fy All Your Walt Disney World Vacations for Maximum Fun

Walt Disney World vacations aren’t cheap – so there’s all the more reason to take full advantage and "theme" your family road trip or any other Disney vacation accordingly. There are tons of fun things you can do to add value and make your vacation more memorable – from planning ahead to things you can do on the road to your Disney destination.

Start your preparations long before any Walt Disney World vacations start by psyching up your family! Here are some ways to add some fun:

Disney World

  • Spend time together planning. Figure out what parks you want to visit, the restaurants where you’ll eat (and make reservations early), what rides and shows are "must dos". Make sure each person has their own "hit" list – nothing like fantasizing! Create a folder for each family member and let each person decorate it with drawings, stickers, and other fun stuff.
  • Select some Disney movies to watch as a family (be sure to save some for your road trip). Pick one night a week that’s "Disney Night" and always watch a new, or old favorite, Disney movie together. Make it more fun by making lots of popcorn and/or another treat to enjoy. I remember dreaming of Walt Disney World vacations even more after watching The Wonderful World of Walt Disney on TV as a kid.
As the big day of your departure approaches, it’s time to get some great stuff to really make all your Walt Disney World vacations special.
  • Disney-theme your luggage! If you don’t want to buy Disney luggage, another great idea is to buy a bunch of Disney stickers and decals and decorate everyone’s existing luggage. You can always take them off later. In addition to making your luggage much easier to spot in baggage claim if you fly, you can also theme each bag to each family member’s favorite character.
  • Create a compilation of your favorite Disney songs to play in the car. This is a great family project to do together. You could also buy the existing CD compilations out there and just play those.
  • Time to hit the Disney Shop (online or in your local mall)! Get a costume or an outfit for each child (or adult who wants to go for it) to wear on all your Walt Disney World Vacations. I suggest getting a slightly large size so the child can grow into it and get more wearing out of it. What a way to have fun (and it’s not even Halloween!)!
  • Other things to pack to Disney-fy your road trip or any other Disney vacation: Disney movies (ones you’ve saved from above for watching on your trip) plus Disney toys, crafts, and games. All of these will come in very handy on your road trip (or in the airport or plane when there are delays). It’s a good idea to buy some things secretly and then surprise the kids when the going gets tough and they need some distraction.
  • Select a Disney character for each person (even grown-ups) to "be" on your trip. To "be" a character, you have to speak in the character’s voice and only say things that character would say (or at least make it as realistic as you can). Promise you’ll be that character whenever you’re in the car and watch as the fun unfolds! Grown-ups can end up loosening up quite a bit and having a ball with this, so go for it! If you’re flying, make it a rule for the hotel room.
Finally, the big day has arrived. You’ve got your car packed (or you’re heading to the airport). Walt Disney World vacations hit the road!
  • Every day as you set out, start by playing a couple of Disney songs. Sing along if you can/know the words! Don’t play them all the time though – you’ll get horribly sick of them (though your kids probably won’t. Every kid I know can listen to the same song over and over every day – how about yours?)
  • Whip out all the good Disney stuff (except for the stuff you’re saving for emergencies) and let the kids play. Play at least one road trip game together. Be your chosen characters, even when playing road trip games – a whole new dimension! Let the kids wear their Disney clothes or costumes as often as possible. I advise that you book hotels that have a washer and a dryer available, so you can wash that dirty outfit or costume if your child insists on wearing it every day.
Once you arrive, you’re off the hook – Disney World itself will dazzle you and your family. Thanks to your Walt Disney World vacations planning, you’ll be in the perfect mind-set to really throw yourself into it and extract some major fun!

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